Konami Picture Puzzle

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I'm deleting this one not because it's bad, or because I'm tired of it, or done with it. I'm deleting it because it's too good for my own good.

This is a picross game, which is short for “picture crossword”. In essence, It's a logic puzzle. You can read the whole rules for how to play on The game's website.

Each puzzle is simple, but engaging. You're making logical inferences, and there's a deep, skinner-box type satisfaction when you finish a puzzle and the grid goes from your guesses to a full color version of some iconic or obscure Konami sprite from days gone by.

The reason I'm deleting this app is because it's been taking up too much of my time and attention. Games like this are great for when you have a spare moment or two, but lately I've found it's so attention-grabbing that I've been taking time away from more important things to play, which is a bridge too far.

So if you have more self control than I have, I strongly recommend downloading this one.