Moving Towards Minimalism

I've been looking at my phone recently and realized I have a lot of apps installed, many of which I haven't touched in months. And then I realized my computers are in a similar situation.

It's fun to install new apps! It's interesting and exciting and cool to see what's new and interesting in the world. But there comes a time where we need to slim down. And that time is now!

And for the next few months.

Why Remove Apps?

There are a lot of good reasons. From a security standpoint, every app you're keeping on your system and not updating is a possible target. Even on a phone. Any app could have a weakness, so the fewer apps you're sporting the smaller your “attack surface”.

From a usability standpoint, if you're not using it, why are you letting it take up storage space?

But the real reason for me is the personal reason. I want fewer things cluttering up my life and my brain.

I'm Not Angry at These Apps.

Each app I uninstall will be accompanied with a short piece about why I installed it in the first place, and what I got out of it. Me uninstalling an app isn't an indictment of that app, it's just an acknowledgement that I don't have space for it personally right now. If anything, it's an acknowledgement that I have more curiosity than good sense.

When Does This End?

I dunno. When I've decided I've slimmed down my technical world enough. Or when I decide I'm bored with the concept. We'll see which comes first.