Photomath is the kind of app that makes technology feel worthwhile. This is the kind of app that I fervently hoped for back in high school. This is the kind of app that many, many people are undoubtedly using many times a day.

It's a magical concept that seems almost mundane in our age of wonders. Point your phone at an equation, and the app solves it, showing its work. If you need a graph it'll give you a graph. If your handwriting is anywhere close to legible it'll do its job and do it so simply and gracefully it doesn't even seem like magic, because it's too seamless. Magic is showy, this is just...good.

So why am I deleting it? Because I haven't used it in almost a year. I downloaded it when I was in an accounting class that thought it was an algebra class. It helped me learn a lot of things in that class, because it worked through the steps when the professor wouldn't. I'm a developer by trade and an MBA student at night, and right now I'm working through classes that are less math and more management. Photomath can't help me resolve interpersonal disputes or bring a coalition together to support a new business proposition.

Not yet, anyway.