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This one is difficult.

I really love this app. Panic Makes some of the best apps around, and Prompt 2 is no exception. It does one thing, very well. It's an SSH app. Fire it up, connect to an SSH server, and keep your *nix boxes running. It's got all the right features; little shortcuts to do common tasks without having to type them out, excellent layout, session recovery, the works. Prompt is good stuff.

The problem is: I don't do much of that right now, and especially not from my phone. There was a time where I was genuinely running admin duties on a bunch of servers and I used this app all the time on my iPad. These days my duties at work have shifted, I'm a dev lead instead of sysadmin. In my personal life I've shut down a lot of my side projects so I can focus on school.

Prompt speaks to a version of myself that is no longer relevant, or at least, isn't relevant right now. When and if I buy another iPad I can guarantee I will install this app on there almost instantly, but I have to admit that I haven't used it on my phone in more than a year. So Prompt leaves my phone. Gone, but not forgotten.