QR Code Scanners (A Bunch of Them)

I like to keep my options open most of the time. I like to explore all the alternatives, just see what's out there, you know?

But this is one where, when I realized there was a built-in solution, I got rid of all the alternatives. QR reading should be part of the OS on a mobile device. So when I discovered that there's a little app that can be added to the control panel that scans QR Codes I got rid of all the 3rd party ones. I don't use QR codes all that often and I hadn't really found a 3rd party app that provided any utility other than “hey here's the text that was in that code!” so away they all go!

P.S. while writing this I discovered yet another feature of DuckDuckGo: if you search for QR https://write.as/one-less-app/ or similar, it will create a QR code for you.