Sadly, price is the reason I'm dropping Tower .

I like this app. It's a clean and well thought out git GUI. Every feature is right where I want it. It does a great job on the back end, writing commands that make sense, with all the right options. It integrates well with all my git servers, not just GitHub.

But I can't justify $70 a year for something I use maybe twice a month. At that price, I would consider buying a perpetual license for Sublime Merge, the git GUI from the makers of Sublime Text.

I'm at a point in my git usage where I prefer to work from the command line. Even using an IDE like IntelliJ , which has very robust and well-designed git integration, I'd still rather pull up a terminal window and do what I need to do directly.

The only real use I have for a git GUI these days is looking at the git history, and there are dozens of free tools I can use. I generally recommend Atlassian's Sourcetree, but GitHub's desktop client is also very good.

If you're looking for a premium git GUI, Tower is a great option. I'm just at a point where I need those dollars more than the git history graphs.